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Been playing around with the laser cutter/engraver, and really fell in love with engraving in to clear acrylic and shining a light source from the edge. The thickness of the acrylic being used is a .25” sheet, which cuts really cleanly by the laser cutter/engraver (the one that I had access to is the Trotec 300). Started off with a simple OPEN sign with a single light colour source, and have moved on to using programmable RGB LEDs
Things needed for this Instructable:
access to a laser cutter/engraver (however you could get the same effect with clear acrylic and fine use of sand paper - though it’s a lot more work this way) Software to design the vector image (I used Adobe Illustrator) RGB LEDs Arduino Nano Push button Wiring Wood (scraps were used in this case) screws/glue AC/DC power adapter (5V was used here - I repurposed old AC adapters from other devices that have been long past their use, such as old mobile phones and their charging adapters that were included with them) spray paint (optional)”

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