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Automated River Water Monitoring System

This instructable is used to document the development of an automated river water monitoring system. The monitored parameters are the water level and water temperature. The goal of this project was to develop a low-cost and independent Logger that is connected to a database. The water level is monitored with a special QR-level. A camera in the Pi is taking a picture every 15 min. The QR-codes in this picture get decoded by software and are indicative to the actual water level. Water temperature is measured with a DS18B20 sensor.

Raspberry Zero WH
WittyPi Mini
Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2.1
Huawei E3531 SurfStick
SIM Card (ThingsMobile)
DC DC Step Down Buck Converter
DS18B20 Digital Thermometer
OTG micro USB cable
A micro USB cable end
Window glas
Sealed enclosure (G258)
Cable fitting
Srew Terminal Block 3-pin
4,7kOhm resistor
Blank circuit board 65x30mm
40-pin staking-header
4 x M3x20 srews
8 xM3 screws
Telephone cable
Speaker cable”

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