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LEIDS - Low Energy IOT Door Sensor

What is LEIDS?
LEIDS is an IOT sensor that is based around the ESP8266. This sensor makes use of this board, a soft latching circuit, a reed switch, and some magnets to create a door sensor that will send you an alert when your door opens and closes. This sensor can be hooked up to your MQTT server, IFTTT, or many other frameworks that support the ESP8266. This instructable will use IFTTT to easily create a sensor that will send an alert to your mobile device no matter where you are. The sensor can also be setup to allow for multiple alerts from separate doors, mailboxes, ovens and anything else that has an open/close or on/off physical position. The benefit of LEIDS is that it uses minimal power and only uses power when a door is open, then when the door is closed it sends a message to alert you the door was closed and turns off. This is better than deep sleeping the module as it uses no energy if the door is not opened.”

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