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Who does not want to have stunning lamp which can display animations and sync with other lamps in the house?
Right, nobody.

That’s why I made a custom RGB lamp. The lamp consists of 256 individual addressable LED’s and all of the LED’s can be controlled via a smartphone app. Additionally you can build multiple of them and make a nanoleaf like lamp (which is actually better).

Square lamp shade
16x16 LED matrix
6x4 cm PCB
Esp 8266 (D1 mini)
3.3V Relay
3-pin LED connector
5V 3A PSU (more amps are possible but can lead to overheating)
3.3V to 5V logic level shifter
Barrel jack connector
wire connector (can be replaced with soldering)
2x M2 screws, washers and nuts

Tools (required):

soldering iron
hot glue gun
Tools (optional):

3D printer

models (for printing)”

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