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Dual 7-segment Displays Controlled by Potentiometer in CircuitPython - Demonstration of Persistence of Vision

This project uses a potentiometer to control the display on a couple of 7-segment LED displays (F5161AH). As the potentiometer knob is turned the displayed number changes in the range 0 to 99. Only one LED is lit at any moment, very briefly, but the eye or a camera does not notice the flicker. This is persistence of vision.
Pressing the button slows down the action and you can see the individual LEDs turning on and off.
I’ve noticed that there are very few Instructables using CircuitPython so this project uses an Adafruit Itsybitsy M4 development board which runs CircuitPython beautifully. If you want to use a Raspberry Pi, or other microprocessor development board you only need to change the pins and their setup in the script.”

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