Time is money and manual labour is expensive. With the advent and advancement in automation technologies, a hassle free solution needs to be developed for homeowners, societies and clubs to clean pools from the debris and dirt of daily life, to maintain their personal hygiene as well as maintain a certain standard of living. Tackling this dilemma head-on, I developed a manual cum autonomous pool surface cleaning machine. With its simple yet innovative mechanisms, leave it in a dirty pool overnight and wake up to clean and speck free one. The automaton has two modes of functionality, one autonomous which can be turned on with the flip of a button on the phone and left unattended to do its job and another manual mode to get those specific pieces of twigs and leaves when time is of the essence. In manual mode you can use accelerometer on your phone to control the robots movement similar to playing racing game on the phone. Custom made app was made by using Blynk app and accelerometer readings are sent to main server and back to mobile then via hotspot switching data is sent to NodeMCU. Even today, domestic cleaning robots are seen as exotic appliances or luxury toys, so to change this mindset I developed it on my own. Hence in the project, the main objective was to design and manufacture an autonomous pool surface cleaner with the use of available and cheap technologies to keep the whole prototype cost efficient and, therefore majority people can build it in their home just like me.”


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