6502 Watch

The 6502 has been around for just about 40 years, yet still powers the hearts of many electrical systems in place today, such as many microcontrollers and embedded systems. In fact, WDC still manufactures the 6502 and 65xx series chips under the 65c02 and 65cxx. I’ve noticed that WDC also introduced more package variants of the 6502 and 6522, such as PLCC and QFP. Another thing I noticed was the fact that these form factors of the 65c02 are almost never used. Given that the only people buying these are hobbyists, that isn’t too suprizing, as they dont offer much over the standard 40 pin DIP.What they do offer, however, is small package size. I went off to try and design the smallest 6502 SBC i could, and was pleasantly suprized with the results. What I ended up with was what i think is the smallest hobbyist 6502 SBC produced. Small enough, in fact, that you could easily wear it on your wrist! I then added the neat little Nokia 5110 LCD and a cool interface, and now have what I believe to be the only 6502-driven watch in existance.”


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