Praduino Arduino-Based Multimeter

The Praduino multimeter is based on Arduino Nano. This multimeter can work on normal power supply or with 3.7V LiPo battery.

This is a portable digital arduino nano based PRADUINO MULTIMETER.

The main feture of this multimeter is that it can indicate:


2)potential difference




This multimeter can be operated with 3.7v lipo battery. this multimeter works with arduino nano and ADC module. other component list is menioned in item list.

I decided to make this project because it is arranged and easy to carry.

I have seen that engineers try to make multimeter but when wiring components the multimeter gets messed up hence in failure to the project.

hence I tried to make a cheap and arranged multimeter for use.

the working of the mutimeter is very simple:

1)when you have soldered all the components to pcb.
2)switch on the sliding button.
3)use male bullet connectors connencted to the type of reading you want to measure.
4)the value will be displayed in the oled display.”


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