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AfterI implemented the hardware and software to connect my drone Radio to motors/servos, the next step was to make a good use of the hard work done and build my own RC toy, which is…a Boat!
Since I am not a mechanical engineer, I opted for the easiest approach I could imagine of, in order to build my Boat: Recycle everything I got, making the best out of it! I am proud to say, this time I exceeded my expectations!
Therefore, I want to share with you my project and here are the few steps necessary to build your own racing scrap boat!
Bill of materials:
Electronics, you can build your own electronics following my previous guide or use someone else project. Mine includes:
- 1 x uChip: Arduino IDE compatible board
- 1 x Tx-Rx Radio system: any radio system with cPPM receiver is good
- 2 x Motor driver: with 1x47uF@16V capacitor, 3xDiodes (fast recovery), 1x5.1V zener, 2 nMOSFET (VGTH ~ 2V) and 4 resistors you can easily solder yours.
- 1 x Li-ion 18650 battery: you can recycle one from an old notebook battery pack or buy a new one.
- 2 x Coreless motors with CW and CCW propellers (CW = ClockWise, CCW = CounterClockWise)
Frame (mostly out of recycled components):
- 2 x Plastic Bottles (0.5L)
- 1 x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM player a recycled one
- 3 (or more) x Cable Ties: the actual number depends on the actual length you need. I used 4 of them, each 20cm long.”

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