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If you are a Maker like me, and there is a good chance you are since you are here on Instructables reading this project, you may have the following problem. If you are working in your office/workshop/garage or elsewhere in your home, and someone rings your doorbell, it can be difficult to hear the doorbell ring. You might be using power tools or have other machines that make a lot of noise. You might be listening to headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. You might just be far away from your doorbell chime.
So, in this Instructable, we will build an small IoT device that connects to your doorbell and delivers a notification to your phone when someone rings your doorbell. The project, called Wello 3, connects to your home WiFi network and is powered by your doorbell transformer. When someone rings your doorbell, the chime inside your house will still ring, but the Wello 3 will also send a notification to an app on your phone so that you dont miss the doorbell ringing.
The project is made from a Particle Photon microcontroller/WiFi module, a power conversion and regulation system, a doorbell detection system, an Android application, and firmware running on the Photon. The project will also involve building a custom PCB and using reflow soldering to assemble the board.”

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