Today in this digital world, we creating different types of digital circuits using ics and micro-controllers. I also created tons of digital circuits. In that time I think about that how these are made. So after some research I find that these are designed from the basic electronic components. So I am very much interested in it. So I plan to make some digital devices using discrete components. I made some devices in my previous instructables.
Here in this instructable I made a digital counter using discrete transistors. Also use some resistors, capacitors, etc… The counter is an interesting machine which count numbers. Here it is a 4 BIT binary counter. So it count from 0000 binary number to 1111 binary number. In decimal it is from 0 to 15. After this I convert it into a BCD counter. The BCD counter is a counter which count upto 1001(9 decimal). So it reset to 0000 after counting 1001 number. For this function, I add some combination circuit to it. OK.
The full circuit diagram is given above.
For more details about this counter theory visit my BLOG :
First I explain the making steps and then explain the theory behind this counter. OK. Lets stat it….”


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