How to Write Assembly Instructions for Programming a 32-bit ARM Core with a Raspberry Pi

This article explores the basic instructions needed to program a 32-bit ARM core, while building a foundational understanding of the micro-architecture.
Assembly has a bad rap in today’s modern tech culture. Due to large amounts of RAM and processing power, high-level languages like C# and Python have paved the way for huge levels of abstraction. In some cases, this has vastly improved productivity, yet in others has left an entire generation of programmers oblivious to what their code actually does.

In this article, we’ll use the foundation in assembly that you can build off of, while using one of the most widespread architectures there is. That being said, this article is targeted for those with little experience writing low-level code. I wrote this assembly on a Raspberry Pi, using Raspbian, due to its popularity and ease of use.”


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