Eye Guardian is an Arduino powered, High-Decibel continuous sound triggered eye protection wear. It detects heavy equipment sound and lowers protective eye goggles while the equipment is in use.
In the first step, I will explain the Inspiration&Idea behind this project. Next, I will give you a Tools&Parts list that I have used to build this. Then I will explain the design choices I made and give you a guide to 3D print the parts needed for this instructable. After giving you a step by step assembly guide on the electronics and hat assembly I will end the instructable with a troubleshooting guide and a What’s Next section where I will discuss what can be added or changed in the future.
The purpose of this instructable is not just to give you a cookbook. I’ll show you the way I built this project and provide you with open-ended questions, so you can add your own ideas, and take this project even further.
I strongly encourage you to share your build when it’s done!
Let’s get started.”


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