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This is a Smart Motor Driver (aka SAMI) designed to run a micro gearmotor, the objective of this board is to implement a PID control over this motors with the corresponding RPM feedback. All required components are already on board, so it is capable of do the work by itself. Just supply power and send orders by I2C!
The host controller communicates by I2C to give the commands to SAMI, this includes speed and direction of the motor. The module will automatically implement the PID control. So your host controller can just relax while this board takes care of the motor. Also you can read the status of the motor and set configs.
SAMI is capable of driving the motor for a desired distance or angle and then automatically stop when is reached. This is ideal in robotics and simplifies a lot of hard work making precise movements. Multiple modules can be connected on a single bus, a lot of motors!
Making advance robots has never been so easy to anyone!!! Just solder the module to your motor.
In this instructable I am going to teach you how to use it with Arduino, but first let’s talk a little bit about the PCB and how you can make your own.”

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