Hi! I made this PCB calendar and binary clock with Eagle CAD. I used ATMEGA328P MCU (from Arduino) and 9x9 LED matrix. Dimensions for my board is 8cmx10cm(3.14inch x 3.34inch). Its a bit too small but first: free version of Eagle CAD allows 80cm^2 and second: jlcpcb.com max size for 2$ pcb is 10cmx10cm. I will be working on much better version of this project with STM32L series MCU and DCF77. But this also is cool and simple project from which You could learn all the process how PCB is designed and manufactured + how to use Arduino as programmer._ _In this instruction I will show You how to make Your own PCB calendar._ _P.S. Its my first prototype in pictures and video so I made some small mistakes (luckily magic smoke didnt come out :D ) Via size is too big in my first project and solder mask cant go over the drill so some texts are not fully writen. Last year is 2021 instead of 2023.”


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