DigiLogiProbe V1

This project has been edited. The original Instructy had far too many words.
I have searched around the web, and I could not locate a mash up like this.
DigiSpark was a crowdfund project to leverage the ATTiny85 chip on a USB board with the bare minimal Interface and power. This very small 2012 developer board has 6 pins. On China built work alike boards, 5 of those pins are useful. Clone boards are less than $3 Cad; original boards are $10 Cad but are sold out temporarily.
I have named my forked mashup design, the DigiLogiProbe V1 or
DIGI (to honor the original Digispark) LOGI (for LOGIC) PROBE.
- use DigiSpark or Clone (with PB5 issue Fuse fixed) Dev board
- 9V (common type 6LR61 or 1604A) battery power
- any Logic level from 0 through 5Vdc, programmable thresholds TTL, CMOS, 3.3V
- indicate PULSE activity
- TONE of LOGIC states, so the thing SINGS to ME. Cool.
- a WHITE flashlight that illuminates the PROBE area! when the probe sense OPEN condition.
- Small size fits into pen type probe DIY housings, or DIY 3Dprinter case or aDIY homebuilt case from a highlighter marker pen with contents removed.
This Instructable Editorial Article is written at the expert career Technician level
and is NOT for intended for learning although it may have useful lesson material.
The use of a Logic Probe, or any Electronics Testing Tools around hazardous voltages
are at the users or readers risk for personal injury.
This Logic Probe is a test tool intended for Professionals.”


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