Are you familiar with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)? Its used to control services and equipment on the Internet, as well as for device management in IP networks. I decided to use it in a project similar to one that I had already developed: Automatic Humidifier Control using ESP32 / 8266.
Using an ESP32 and an ESP8266, this one is connected to a humidifier unit through a relay. These ESPs communicate through the ESP-NOW protocol.
You can check the temperature and humidity of an environment, such as a CPD (for example), by monitoring the network with SNMP.
The ESP32 will read humidity, temperature, and display on an Oled display. Based on the humidity, this same microcontroller will therefore (via the ESP-NOW protocol), send a signal to an ESP8266 for on or off the relay. We will check temperature and humidity through the SNMP protocol, and then we will change maximum and minimum relay trigger humidity while also using the SNMP protocol.”


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