Freeform robot

A simple robot built from wire

This is a tiny robot with chassis made from scrap wire I got from inductors in my parts box. The servo motors are hacked for continuous spinning. An ATmega8 runs arduino code to control the servos and an poll an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoiding.

I started this project to participate in the Circuit Sculpture Contest.


This is a tiny robot with a chassis made from AWG 16 wire soldered together. The servos are micro servos hacked for continuous rotation, these also give the robot some support. The brains of the robot is going to be an Atmega8 with code for avoiding or following objects with aid of an ultrasonic sensor.

When bulding this I had the wire “jump” at my face of throw solder at me, as it behaves as a spring. If you would make something like this, please use protection goggles . I know someone who lost an eye to a piece of wire when they were a child. Vision is too important to be careless.”


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