Two ways to control the camera cradle, you can put a flashlight, laser, ToF modules…

Today we gonna see the full tutorial on how to control the 2-Axis FPV camera cradle with joystick module, the camera cradle comes in a little package containing some acrylic supports and pieces, some screws and two servo motors.

Requirement: So please before you proceed, if you’re not familiar with the joystick, neither the servo motors, here are two tutorials for you:

How to simply interface the Joystick module with Arduino board
Use servo motors with Arduino
So here we’ll use two methods to control the servos: the first one where the servos follow the position of the joystick and they move while we move our stick, the second one the servos start moving toward the direction where the joystick is pointing and they stay there until we move the stick again or change direction.”


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