Do you pay too much for your electricity bills?
Do you want to know how much electricity your kettle or heater consumes?
Make your own portable Energy Cost Electrical Meter!
Watch how I found the use of this device.

You need several things to make this project.

Home computer with XOD IDE installed.
3D printer.


- Clippers.
- Screwdriver.
- Pliers.
- Soldering tools.
- Needle file.


- Sandpaper.
- Shrink tubes.
- 14 AWG wires or less for 220V circuit.
- 24 or 26 AWG wires for 5V logic circuit.


- Screw M3 (DIN7985 / DIN 84 / DIN 912) 20mm length.
- Screw M3 (DIN7985 / DIN 84 / DIN 912) 10mm length.
- Screw M2 / M2.5 (DIN7981 or other).
- Hex nut M3 (DIN 934/ DIN 985).”


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