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This is a radio controller that has 2 analog channels and the data is out from a MPU6050 gyro module. So, we could control a toy car for example just by rotating the controller. I usually use the NRF24 module, but in this project I also want to show you how to use the HC12 module. You will learn how to get the IMU data, how to use the HC12 radio connection and how to control 2 DC motors using PWM signals and an H-bridge.

The radio transmitter is simple. In the middle we haev the MPU6050 gyro mdoule so we could detect the angle of the controller. To control everything we have the Arduino NANO and as a supply, I’ll use a 9V battery connected to a sliding switch so we could turn the controller ON/OFF. I also have a Joystick, but we won’t use that in this first part of the tutorial, we will add 2 more channels later with that joystick. Finally, to send the data, i’ll use the HC12 radio mdoule that uses a serial UART communication. It seems to have a better range than the NRF24 mdoules.”

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