”Lottery Winner” for Arduino creates a sequence of non-repeating pseudo-random numbers for lottery or other applications.

1) Introduction
One of the first projects I have done by myself for Arduino was a random number generator.

That is good for beginners because the logic/code is very simple using basic Arduino functions.

But in this case, some numbers in a random sequence can be repeated and this works for a dice game, for example, but not for lotteries.

For this upgraded version I have introduced new features such as shuffling and sorting routines.

Now is possible to setup the range of numbers (from 1 to 99) and also the set of non-repeated draw numbers (from 1 to 10).

It is a complete (non repeating) pseudo-random number generator and very easy to assemble and to configure that can be used in other applications!

I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

Good luck in the lottery and don’t forget to send me a donation if you win! ;-)



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