An indoor air quality monitoring system for detecting toxic gases.

Indoor air pollution has been consistently ranked by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its Science Advisory Board to be among the top five environmental public health risks. Average person spends an estimated 90% of their time indoors so that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) poses a substantial risk to public health. Poor air quality may cause increased short-term health problems such as fatigue and nausea as well as chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease, and lung cancer. It is estimated that annual costs and productivity losses in US is $10 to $20 billion related to sick building syndrome, which is defined to describe acute health and discomfort effects that appear to be linked to poor indoor air quality and the time spent in a building.

In this project we are going to present an Indoor air quality monitoring system, Our system is connected with Internet as a result anyone can remotely visualize the air quality index form anywhere.”


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