An Actuated Desktop Lamp

Here Ill show how to make a simple, little actuated desktop lamp using arduino and servo motors. Ill also tell you how you can alter the motors so that you can record manipulations and therefore enact movements with the lamp that the lamp can then repeat. With this you can teach your lamp various movements.
You will need the following:
- Arduino Uno or Yun
- 2 x SG-90 Servo motors
- 2 buttons (one pushbutton and one rocker toggle button)
- a lot of bolds and nuts size M0
- potentiometer (to control the light)
The lamp consists of two arms and a head part, all laser cut. You will need to make your own box for the body, I lost the ai file. For the head, I bought another little lamp (the tiny tim and just used the headpart for the LED. Im sure there are better ones, but its ok.”


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