Controlling 7-Segment LED Display Using ESP8266 Web Server

My project has a Nodemcu ESP8266 which is controlling a 7-segment display through the http server using html form.

It is a IOT project developed using ESP8266 (NodeMCU) wifi module. The motive of the project is to create a web server on the module that can host multiple clients over the network. Here, basic knowledge of html and javaScript is needed to understand my project. Some advance topic which I will discuss here regarding ESP8266 and javaScript are:

1. Uploading files on the SPIFFS of the ESP8266 to use those file more efficiently in our arduino code.

2. Web storage using javaScript


Up until now, we’ve always included the HTML for our web pages as string literals in our sketch. This makes our code very hard to read, and you’ll run out of memory rather quickly.

SPIFFS a light-weight file system for microcontrollers with an SPI flash chip. The on-board flash chip of the ESP8266 has plenty of space for your webpages, especially if you have the 1MB, 2MB or 4MB version. You can understand how to add tools in your arduino software for uploading files to SPIFFS by following link:…

In this project, I have 2 html file and a javascript file. All these files are uploaded to the SPIFFS separated from the sketch so that the change in these files is independent of the main sketch.”


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