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Acceleration of the step motor and the limit switch. These issues that we are going to discuss in this article, in which I will present you with a motion test assembly. In addition to the concept of end switches, I will also demonstrate an example of stepper acceleration code.
Can I handle stepper motor without accelerating? Yes I can. Just leave the speed constant. So what is the advantage of acceleration? Well, when you mount a router or a CNC machine, they have a weight. Imagine you pushing a spindle of 3cv, 4cv … Imagine the heavy mechanical structure … So the engine needs to get out of zero speed and this is gradually increasing because this is good for the health of the equipment. If you do not accelerate and slow down, what happens? You’re going to stomp on the mechanism. This takes a hit when the stepper motor is turned on. Imagine that all the micro parts of the mechanism are being hit, millions and millions of times … This is damaging all the equipment. So, let me warn you: 3d printer, router, router, everything that is CNC machines works with acceleration and deceleration. Hence the importance of this subject.
Today, therefore, I will speak of acceleration and deceleration, with a very simple example, but soon I will record a video showing how to mount a CNC machine step by step.
I know there are basically two types of people who are interested in stepper motors. There are those who want to know how to program a stepper motor because they want to make a robot or a disconnecting machine, for example. As this has no design and no software ready, you will need to know these concepts of acceleration, among others, to assemble this type of equipment. There are still those people who already want to take the steps ready and just follow the recommended, as a kind of cake recipe. In this case, it is possible to take my classes, for example, and follow each phase until finalizing an assembly.”

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