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Greetings. So i see that i have a tendency to start something, and then take completely different route. This happened with this project as well. I bought nokia 5110 screen a while ago. And as most ebay purchases it was a long time to actually be shipped to me. Meanwhile project for which i needed it fell through. So when jlcpcb contacted me with an offer to make something using their services (pcb manufacturing… well figures… title says it all :) ). I started googling, what i can do with couple of screens which i had no more purpose for. And then i came across a Makerbuino game console. And with open source concept everything i needed to make it from scratch was right at my finger tips. While you can simply make it on a perfboard, it would be a total mess, with wires everywhere, and not as clean as i would like my console to be. So here comes jlcpcb. you can order 10 boards for 2$. Which is a steal in my opinion. Granted if you go outside the default parameters for the board(size 100x100m, thicknes, color or etc.), the price might change. But hey, for most of us, default parameters will be more than enough.”

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