In this tutorial we’ll going to use the MPU6050 gyroscope, a neopixel ring and an arduino to build a device that lights led’s corresponding to the angle of inclination.
This is a simple and fun project and it’s going to be assembled on a breadboard. If you’ll follow the steps you’ll build what you saw in the video. It’s a good tutorial for learning about gyroscope and the neopixel ring.
I’m building this tutorial because of the interest i saw on my first instructable here (Gyroscope Led Control With Arduino). In this instructable i’ve replaced simple led’s with a neopixel ring. The ring it’s simpler to use through an Adafruit library and it’s definitely more spectacular.
So if you have these components lying around this is a great way to make use of them, i’ll try to take you step by step through building the device and also explain how it works in the last step.”


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