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Nowadays, the most of car accidents on the street occurs for reasons that include cases of alcohol consumption. Many families are ruined for that reason. The main vision of this project is to prevent people from drinking and driving and so causing accidents on the road.

So this is a prototype version to stop driving under the influence of alcohol. If a driver has been drinking, the sensor will detect the alcohol level in the driver’s breath and if it crosses a set threshold an alert will appear and the driver may decide not to drive.

This alcoholologist is not a professional breathalyzer and should be used for fun purposes only.

With this product we want to solve the problem that many drivers have once they return from dinner or partying. These drivers often do not know if they have drunk overly to drive a vehicle properly. This portable alcoholometer will allow people to take a test before taking the vehicle, indicating what the alcohol level is and whether it is advisable to take the vehicle or not.”

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