Room Monitor Throwie

A small and portable Temperature, humidity, and light monitor that can be placed instantly anytime.
Background Story

A problem that I want to solve by creating this project is the building maintenance system at my workplace still need to check manually and we have more than 30 rooms that need to be check twice a day by one or two cleaning employee. That could be tedious cleaning employee that do the room checking just needed 3 parameter to be checked:
Does the Air Conditioner Turned On or Off
Does the Light Turned On or Off
Is the room temperature and humidity fit enough for people to get comfortable

The building has 24/7 Wifi that has the same SSID and connected to internet, which got me thinking to make a device to make the cleaning employee’s job lighter, so they can monitor every room anytime with any device and they only come to the room to turned on/off the AC and light.The building already has its own cable system with 4 available wall plug and to make a new device embedded on the wall could cost much more money, so the approach for making this device is this device needs to be portable could be plug directly to a wall socket or can run on its own power for a long period of time.

The Hardware Build

To build this device I choose to use a wemos d1 mini as the Brain because its small form factor. For reading the temperature and humidity I choose DHT22 because it is more reliable then the DHT11 sensor. And to read the room’s light I use a basic LDR sensor because I just need to know if the light is turned on or off.

You can check the fritzing schematic down below and make it as small and compact as possible. This is a prototype that I made so far.”


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