I made a programmable LED disco ball totem for bringing to music festivals — a Compact Disc-o Ball, if you will. :)

What’s a totem?
As you may know, you don’t get cellular reception at many large music festivals. Also at large music festivals, you’re unlikely to find your friends again if you get separated (especially at night). Thus, many people create “totems”, which are basically poles with some kind of decoration on it so that you can find your friends in a crowd. The totem is a beacon for your friends — both new and existing — to find you and stick together.

So to maximize visibility and awesomeness, I made an LED totem for attending EDC Las Vegas in June — the largest electronic music festival in the world.

I 3D printed the orb and pegs that hold the LED strand and CDs. Then, I used an Adafruit Trinket microcontroller to program a pattern for the LEDs and powered everything using a 4400mAh Lithium-ion battery. I put all the circuitry in a small control box with a switch for durability and made the pole itself from PVC.

This is my build guide!”


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