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IOT Speech Recognition, control a servo, led lamp or any device connected to the WiFi, using Android App. By Vicente Arturo Zavala Ortiz.
The Internet of Things (IOT) is a new emerging technology these days, a self configurable and adaptive system consisting of networks of sensors and other object including intelligent objects whose purpose is to interconnect with all things, including everyday and industrial objects, in such a way that they become intelligent, programmable and more capable of interacting with humans.
All the applications that involve IOT, whether industrial, home, etc. Are controlled and monitored by certain parameters which are implemented and executed by the user or “other”. Therefore, their implementation and execution differs with the sets of parameters, for the execution that is specified or desired by the user.
Arduino board is one of the important objects in this ecosystem, since it facilitates us to connect and control different devices like sensors, LEDs, step motors, servos and mobile phones.
This tutorial describes how to create an Internet of Things with Android and Arduino:
Android Application to control a Generic Servo Motor and a Led, according to user speech over mobile phone.”

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