AnE Smart Doorbell Systems

AnE Smart Doorbell Systems is a system that aims to inform you when someone presses the button of your doorbell. When a guest presses the button of the doorbell, which is placed outside the house, the buzzer will ring. The PiCam, which is mounted outside the house, allows them to take a photo/ short video should they feel that there is a potential intruder(s). The LED is placed inside the house to allow the homeowner(s) to simulate that the house is not vacant and ward away potential intruders. To differentiate it from your standard doorbell system, it makes use of Telegram messenger application to notify the homeowner(s) when a guest presses the button and allow the homeowner(s) to send a response. There are various types of responses that the homeowner(s) can send- display a message via LCD screen, turn on LED or take a video/ picture using the PiCam. Should they not have a Telegram account linked to their AnE Smart Doorbell Systems’ account, they can make use of the web interface which allows them to perform the same functions as if they were to use Telegram.”


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