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Lasers can be used to create incredible visual effects. In this project, I constructed a new type of laser display that is interactive and plays music. The device rotates two lasers to form two vortex-like sheets of light. I included distance sensors in the device so that the laser sheets could be manipulated by moving your hand towards them. As the person interacts with the sensors, the device also plays music through a MIDI output. It incorporates ideas from laser harps, laser vortexes, and POV displays. The instrument is controlled with an Arduino Mega that takes in the inputs of ultrasonic sensors and outputs the type of laser sheet formed and music generated. Due to the many degrees of freedom of the spinning lasers, there are tons of different laser sheet patterns that can be created. I did preliminary brainstorming on the project with a new art/tech group in St. Louis called Dodo Flock. Emre Sarbek also ran some initial tests on the sensors used to detect motion near the device. If you construct a laser sheet device, please remember to be safe operating lasers and spinning discs.”

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