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A Lighthouse showing the current temperature outside as read by an IoT thermometer logging to Thingspeak. This whole idea was brought about by another Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and Computing at Schools Coordinator, Lorraine Underwood. She produced a thermometer that lit up the stairs by utilising an online weather report. See her blog about it here. Neopixel Temperature Stairlights. I tried her lights and they are great. But. I live in a bungalow and don’t have any stairs. Also I already have in the garden a summer house with an NodeMcu ESP8266 with a DB18B20 Thermometer logging the outside temperature to Thingspeak every 5 minutes. That was my first proper go at using the NodeMcu, Arduino and The Internet of Things. I decided to make something based on the Stairlights that utilised my own data but instead of having blocks of colours that lit up it would sweep the LED colours gradually from cold to hot. All I needed was a bit of inspiration. That came from my locality in South West England, Cornwall. Not far from here is a lighthouse at Godrevy. I thought I could make a lighthouse with the lights sweeping round and changing colour as the temperature altered. An idea was born.”

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