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Wi-Finder: the Open Wi-Fi Finding Lightsaber for Less Than 20$

Have you ever been wandering around searching for an open wifi? The Wi-Finder will not only find open Wi-Fi hotspots around, it will also detect if they are really open or just displaying a login screen asking for money to use the network. And the best thing: It’s cheaper than 20$! The Wi-Finder has 3 modes: If you start it, it shines blue, to indicate it is scanning for Wi-Fi networks. In case an open Wi-Fi access point is detected, the color switches to yellow to indicate that the Wi-Finder is trying to connect to the access point. If the Wi-Finder manages to get a stable connection and download a website successfully, the color will change to green. If there is no connection to the internet, the color will switch to blue again and the Wi-Finder starts searching for other Wi-Fis. A red color means that every Wi-Fi network has been scanned and none of them is open.”

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