Live Instructables Followers Counter

Hi! Some time ago I saw this project, it is pretty awesome and you should check it out. I liked it but, my youtube channel is not so popular (at least not yet :D) and I wanted to display other data than just YT subscribers. Bekathwia used in her project youtube API which make getting subcibers views and some other info very simple. And what if I want to display info from other pages (like instructables, instagram, or my own website). I thought that with very basic and short PHP script we can get those information from any website even if there is no API for it. Then using arduino and ENC28J60 we can get this information form server. Of course the biggest downside of it is that we need a server to handle this PHP script, but don’t worry I will show you some free hostings. Because I like Instructable so much I decided to make live counter of instructable followers. Additionally because I always wanted to make some woodwork I decided to make like my own frame for it. In this project we will use ENC28J60 ethernet module which is very simple and great to deal with. The biggest advantage of this module is that you don’t need to change any password, or username to your WI-FI, you can just plug it in and enjoy your counter. So when you change your router or password to it you don’t need to worry about reprogramming your arduino. That’s the perfect project for begginers not only with arduino but also with woodworking and soldering!”


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