Arduino Toolboxes : PWM Frequency Meter

Lets Make Simple Things Look Beautiful , It Doesn’t Need To Be Plan Text Number Of The Boring Font At The LCD Because It Shows The Freq . Most Of Us Specially Me While Working With electronics Need Something To Tell Us What Is The Frequency Of Square Wave Or PWM Signal In A Board , Specially When You Are Fixing It “Electronics hardware Maintenance Will Understand Exactly How This Is Important”. In This Project We Used The Digital Clock Version 2 Fonts For Numbers That Was Created For The Clock And Used It In This Project To Display Numbers In This Way. This Project Uses Interrupts To Get Accurate Time Reading , Also Used Math.h Library For Inf Case , And TimerOne Library For Display Values Every Sec For More Stable Reading On The Display. We Used INT0 “Pin 2 In Arduino” As An Input Interrupt And As A Test I Used PWM Pin In The Arduino As Input.”


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