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Arduino Powered Four Letter Word Generator

Build an Arduino-powered version of the “Four Letter Word Generator” (FLW). This version generates “words” on the fly – it does not use a list. The “original” version from the 1970’s used B7971 nixie alphanumeric tubes. These tubes are getting hard to find and they’re certainly expensive. They also require interfacing with high voltage and an understanding of multiplexing. This version uses a slightly more modern and easier to use display while maintaining the overall glowy, multi-segment look of the original. The Siemens DL2146T is a 4-character, 16-segment (plus dot) intelligent display. It has built-in drive and an ASCII font table. You basically send it seven bits of ASCII along with a couple more bits that select the position and control reset, blanking and chip select. It uses “a lot” of pins but we’re not doing anything else so the available outputs on a ATMEGA168 are plenty.”

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