How to make a Music-Time Display

For our project we will make digital stopwatch that displays the amount of time a song plays. Our device will display time (second, tenths of a seconds, hundredths of a seconds) using the 7 segment display. The user can chose from one of two songs. A switch will allow the user to start the song and once the song is over, reset the display to zero (and the song will reset to the beginning). The potentiometer will allow the user to select one of two song, Star Wars Theme Song (pot arrow pointing up) or Star Wars Imperial March (pot arrow pointing down). Similarly an LED will blink in unison to the song. For this we will use both a Arduino and FPGA board (Basys 3). We choose this gizmo because we really enjoyed the clock signal found in our FPGA and it gave us an opportunity to display our mad VHDL skills. This is similar to a car radio, that displays the timing for a song. The user will have the option of selecting one of three song. Then the Arduino will play the selected song. Once the song starts playing the 7-segment display will begin to count up, displaying seconds, tenths of a second, and hundreds of a second.”


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