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Version 3 is near complete! Changes include the motor driver PCB I made, ‘cleaner’ wiring and slightly improved code. Also significant is improved gantry design for ver3. Gantry is less bulky, center of gravity is, well, more centered and overall look fits the machine better. It still needs a few tweaks to get the GT2 belt to fit properly. Powering the machine is a very useful replacement JAMMA PSU. The JAMMA PSU outputs 5V and 12V which is perfect for this machine. In an effort to save time (and avoid painting) I wrapped the wood body panels in red vinyl to give the machine some color. I also tried covering the aluminum rails with acrylic trim. I came across a pile of scrap 0.22 in thick red acrylic, which is what I used, but from a close inspection 0.125” thick trim would be better here. I found a volume knob from a scrapped Roland keyboard, which looks a bit better for the claw control knob. About 1/2 of people think the claw control is a button, so here’s hoping the knob looks more like a knob. I also changed the graphics just slightly. The “Instructions” and Start button now are connected by a blue graphic blob. I hope that draws the eyes to both at the same time. Maybe? I have no idea if that will be the effect.”

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