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IoT7egment ESP8266

This Internet Connected Display is carefully designed keeping in mind the following:Stylish and Visible(Hence Seven Segment and not LCD); Compact hence used new way of circuit design by using pluggable two parts and two layer circuit for the segment base; Customizable so that each digit is easily swapable to suit your color(Hence didn’t use fused 4digits or 8digits). Cheap(can’t help it) and easily replicable (Hence done with stripboard or line Vero). Used the ESP8266 module. Least Number of pins to interface(Five-including VCC and GND) used Shift Registers as serial to parallel and Time Multiplexed the digits. Digits expandable to Eight.(I am using Six Digits and thinking of using Background Halo and indicator with Bicolor led attached to the extra two pins). Easy to use Arduino Library.”

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