A Raspberry Pi powered timelapse rig controlled through a web app on your phone. When looking into time lapse rails, i ran across David Hunts post on building a DIY version using raspberry PI. The article was quite nice with a lot of information on the hardware i however did not want to buy an extra touch screen as was used in that build…. and running it through command line sounded pretty insane, so i went on to a quest to do something about it :) A couple of evenings later, there was a solution i put together a little web app that runs on a nodeJS server on the PI which can then be accessed through the browser on your mobile device if it is sharing its wifi with the raspberry. Since i also had hell of a time trying to piece the whole picture together when building the hardware, i also figured i should create a dumb down guide which someone with very little knowledge on the subject should be able to follow.”


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