HiKey 96Boards powered by Kirin620 SoC is now enabled with the latest Ubuntu Core

LeMaker is announcing today the availability of a developer Image of Ubuntu Core for the Hikey (LeMaker version)development board. This board is based on the Kirin620 SoC by Huawei and is the first 64-bit octa-core A53 ARMv8 community development board compatible with Linaro 96Boards CE specification. Recently, Canonical, Huawei and LeMaker have been working together and to create a developer image of Ubuntu Core for Hikey. As a 96Board CE specification compliant board, HiKey offers software and hardware developers a standardized platform to target for their IOT applications and devices. In particular the HiKey board can run at 1.2GHz and deliver over 10,000 Dhrystone VAX MIPS total performance. The Kirin 620 octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 64 bit SoC by Huawei also delivers high performance 3D graphics support with its ARM Mali 450-MP4 GPU. With support for Ubuntu Core, a stripped down version of Ubuntu designed for autonomous machines, devices and other internet-connected digital things, HiKey now offers developers one of the most popular development platform for IOT. Open source and secure by design, with transactional updates for fast, reliable updates, and small footprint, Ubuntu Core is also the ideal platform to deploy large fleet of IOT devices.”


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