Hyundai shows off its wearable robot Iron Man prototype suit

The company known for putting out mid-level sedans is now in the market of making mech suits. Of course, they are still in their Mark I phase, but it’s a big step into the future of putting man inside a machine. What Hyundai has unveiled this week is actually more of a Mark II suit, based on a previous prototype of their Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton suit they debuted last year. That one was heavy and clunky, but held the promise of lifting loads beyond the scope of most humans as well as helping those who could not walk find the ability to do so again. This new version streamlines a lot of the aesthetics of the original, while focusing on form and functionality. So while it’s more lightweight and therefore easier to move around in, it still allows you to lift a few hundred extra pounds on top of your normal lifting ability.”


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