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The pliers are a manual tool that allows you to multiply the force applied on the rods to the tips of the tool. They are levers and have several functionalities. They are widely used in mechanics, electricity and electronics.

Initially they were used as extensions of our members to grab very hot materials. There is documentation indicating that this type of tool exists since the Bronze Age. Initially they would be what today are denominated by tenazes but both have the same principle.

A pliers consists of three basic parts: the head, the hinged part and the cables.

In terms of types there are basically three types of pliers:

  • Cutting
  • Pressure
  • Universals


The cutting pliers are used to cut the material that is gripped by the head.


The pressure pliers are used for securing or locking materials.


Universal pliers allow you to perform both functions, cut or pressure.

There are pliers that due to the type of work have an electrical insulation.

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