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It is a tool that allows you to perform jobs where it is necessary to strike objects. It has several formats from the popular judge hammer, passing by the carpenter’s hammer, the sculptor’s or the geologist’s hammer.

In technical terms the hammer allows to amplify the force and serves to convert the mechanical work into kinetic energy and pressure.

In order to calculate the impact force (amount of energy released) the formula used is equal to half the mass of the hammer times the speed squared.


Types of Hammers:

  • Hammer of Ears or carpenter, has one end that fits in a nail to start it.
  • Upholsterer Hammer - this is a small and light hammer to nail thin nails.
  • Ball Hammer - Has one side in a ball shape to hit metal or rivet application.
  • sledgehammer - Has a heavy steel head.
  • Handle of soft faces - The head is usually made of a different material like copper, rubber or even nylon. It is used to hit a surface without damaging it.
  • Flat - It has the faces of the head flattened and is made all in wood. It serves to beat other tools also made of wood.
  • Forge Hammer - is a heavy hammer that can weigh several kilos, features a long rope to do heavy work. The head may have several shapes depending on the work to be performed.

Concerning hammers, Mark Twain wrote, “For those who have only one hammer as a tool, all problems look like nails.”

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