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The Drill is a tool that together with a bit or a bit allows them to rotate in the direction of screwing or unscrewing at variable speeds.


This type of tool comes in several forms that enable several different types of work:

  • Manual Drill - can be used in any circumstance since it does not require electricity. Given that it only uses human power produces very little noise.
  • Electric drill in pistol format - Requires electricity but has an electric motor that allows to produce more rotation in the drill bit. The most recent ones have the function of inverse rotation and progressive increase of speed.
  • Drill with hammer function - this type of drill besides the rotary function includes a function that allows to increase the drilling capacity in very hard materials like concrete.
  • Industrial hammer drill - used to drill very thick concrete
  • Wireless Electric Drill
  • Column drill - Allows vertical drilling accurately

To drill the material it is necessary to use drill bits.
These come in different shapes and are typically made of specific materials that wear out more slowly than the material being drilled.

Name of parts of a drill bit:

Nome das partes de uma broca

Types of drill bits:


  • Metal drill bits
  • 3-piece drill bits for wood
  • Concrete Drill bits
  • Flat boring drill bits
  • Screw / Screwdriver wrench
  • Cranial
  • Drills for tiles or glass

There are variants both in terms of the materials in which they are built and in terms of the size and shape of these drills so that they fit the material they are cutting better.



In order to drill holes of a specific depth a drill limiter can be used - this is screwed into the drill bit and allows you to set the drill bit limit at once.

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