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Metro M0 Express

Metro M0 Express board looks a whole lot like our original Metro 328, but with a huge upgrade. Instead of the ATmega328, this Metro features a ATSAMD21G18 chip, an ARM Cortex M0+. It's our first Metro that is designed for use with CircuitPython! CircuitPython is our beginner-oriented flavor of MicroPython - and as the name hints at, its a small but full-featured version of the popular Python programming language specifically for use with circuitry and electronics.

Perpetual Battery-Free Weather Station

“It’s now possible to build remote, low-power microcontroller projects that can operate indefinitely without batteries and still not crash, even if power is interrupted. Let that sink in. As an example, we’ll show you how to build a …

Neon LED Signs

“Make your own neon-style signs without any of the glass, gas, and high voltage! These neon-like LED strips have a great look, are easy to shape and splice, and you can drive them with just 9V to 12V DC. We …