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The LT®1073 is a versatile micropower DC/DC converter. The device requires only three external components to deliver a fixed output of 5V or 12V. The very low minimum supply voltage of 1V allows the use of the LT1073 in applications where the primary power source is a single cell. An on-chip auxiliary gain block can function as a low-battery detector or linear post-regulator. Average current drain of the LT1073-5 used as shown in the Typical Application circuit below is just 135µA unloaded, making it ideal for applications where long battery life is important. The circuit shown can deliver 5V at 40mA from an input as low as 1.25V and 5V at 10mA from a 1V input. The device can easily be configured as a step-up or stepdown converter, although for most step-down applications or input sources greater than 3V, the LT1173 is recommended. Switch current limiting is user-adjustable by adding a single external resistor. Unique reverse-battery protection circuitry limits reverse current to safe, nondestructive levels at reverse supply voltages up to 1.6V.

Neon Lamp Tea Light

“Neon lamps, also known as neon glow lamps, are wonderful little bulbs that glow orange when you give them high voltage and low current. Neon lamps are mostly obsolete now; they belong to an era when many electronic devices were …